• is a simplistic, and minimal site that we developed to help keep your website referrer private.

    First let me state that the browsers reporting this are horribly misinforming visitors. The warning page that is being seen upon an initial visit to is reporting that visiting the site can perhaps infect your computer, or in some way install malware onto your computer. This is untrue, and the malware would only be contained in user uploaded files.

    What is a website referrer?

    Whenever you click or share a link, the destination website is able to see the previous page you were on before you came to their site. For example, if you share a link on forum, and it links to a media download. The site that hosts that media download is capable of seeing how many visitors they received from that particular forum.

    How does urlhid hide my referrer?

    urlhid takes the url you give it, and places "" in front of your link. When this link is shared or visited, urlhid simply redirects to the real link. What this does is shows as your link referrer, and not the actual page where you clicked the link. This keeps the website where the link was posted or clicked private from the destination website.

    Why not use a url shortener?

    As the name of urlhid suggests, some might be wondering why the actual url isn't actually hidden. There are many reasons for this, the primary being that url shorteners have gotten a bad rap for hiding malicious websites within their links. The user that clicks a shortened url has no idea where they are going to end up. There is security in showing the actual link within the urlhid link, so that the potential user to click the link, can still see where they will end up.

    At a later date, we may include a url shortener within urlhid to offer a separate url with the link fully hidden from a user.

    Other network happenings

    urlhid is one of many projects we've been working on since the refocus. Do not fret that this simple service is the first one we're launching. Many more sites are on the way, urlhid is merely the first one ready for launch.

    We hope long time fans of ours stick with us. The internet is transistioning through tough times with the prevelance of Adblocker becoming more popular. Long-time sites, and website networks are shutting down left, and right as a consquence. Our goal is to make it through this transition, as we create a better solution. However, until then, we do have our donation page setup.

    We have a few sites in development, and many more great ideas for sites down the road. All of which cannot happen without the support of you, the visitor. If you like our services, and the fact that we've released multiple ad-free services, please do consider donating. We are hard at work on finishing up some services that have been in development for a while. Stay tuned, as more is coming shortly.