• Many new changes are happening at CTEN, and the start of it all is a new face site for the network. The home of CTEN receives a sleek new design, remade from the ground up, using some of the latest web technologies out there to make it sleek, and fast.

    The new design marks the onslaught of new services the network is about to launch. The new site moves away from previous encarnations of the site, including a grunge and splattered look, and goes in the complete opposite direction for a fine tuned, corporate redesign.

    The redesign includes a simplified company logo, a new blog system that CTEN will use to more closely communicate with CTENers, some popular freqently asked questions, an in-depth About Us page that will allow new comers, and veterans of the network alike, an easy way to see where CTEN has been, and the previous services that have been launched, and a contact and donation page.

    While the new site's purpose is mainly informative about the network, it will lead the way for the many new services CTEN is about to launch.

    Alongside the new CTEN, we've also launched a new CTEN bar. The new CTEN bar looks different, is coded and embedded differently, but offers the same network details, and site launches you're use to seeing. We'll be slowly rolling it out to the sites within the network over the next little while and making sure they can handle the new code.

    As website competition heats up, we will be promoting the new CTEN Blog to keep you updated, and the Donation Page to help the network survive in an age of adblocker.

    We hope you enjoy the new design, and the upcoming services that we'll be launching shortly.

    Here's a few images of past designs that CTEN has gone through, the first one being 14 years ago, when the site was a gaming, and hardware news portal. The other images include versions of the site that promoted sites in the network.