• This is a blog entry is to address users wondering why our lilfile site is popping up a malware warning page before entering the site.

    First let me state that the browsers reporting this are horribly misinforming visitors. The warning page that is being seen upon an initial visit to is reporting that visiting the site can perhaps infect your computer, or in some way install malware onto your computer. This is untrue, and the malware would only be contained in user uploaded files.


    Browsers are showing this warning because, like any service on the Internet, people abuse lilfile. People are allowed to upload any content they want to lilfile. Just as someone would upload malware to Google Drive, or Dropbox, the difference is that browsers don't mark those services for one reason or another.

    What does this mean?

    Users have the ability to upload files to lilfile, good or bad. Specific browsers have received information concerning the bad parts of user uploads, and are warning users (inaccurately) that you can get malware from the site, and not specifically noting that the malware is in the user uploads, not the site itself.

    How to stay safe with lilfile

    Any time you download a file from the Internet, and run it on your computer, you are giving certain permissions to the author of that file to do things on your computer. When a site like lilfile allows for anonymous uploads, this opens up an opportunity for malware and virus writers, as they have very little traceability back to them. Because of this, you should always only download files from sites you trust, and people you know. To download an .exe file on our site, from an untrusted source, or website is asking for trouble to be installed on your computer in the background.

    Finding a solution

    We are attempting to contact the companies responsible for pushing the warning before entering lilfile, in hopes that they can either only show the warning on actual file link pages that they have determined contain malware, or not show the warning at all, if they cannot produce an accurate account that the entire site is serving malware, simply upon visiting it.

    For now, lilfile users are encouraged to ignore the warning, and go about uploading files per usual, and always remember to not be downloading files from a link you were handed from a stranger or unknown site.

    We hope this clears up some confusion, and educates others as to what parts of lilfile may contain malware. Just by visiting, and uploading files you are not going to be infected. Downloading a file that a long-time friend gave you, you probably aren't going to be infected. Downloading an .exe file claiming to be a game crack, from a site that has very little reputation, and you probably are going to get infected.

    lilFile will not change its policy on what files it allows, simply because large corporations don't understand the need for it. If you've ever tried to attach a legitimate .exe or .zip file to an email for a collegue or friend using an online email, you understand why we created lilfile, and why we won't change that we allow simple uploading of these files, even if others have found a way to abuse it.

    Hit us up on our contact page if you have more questions or concerns about the lilfile issue. We will try to answer or update this blog post with any new info.