• is a url shortener. You use it to shorten mammoth (long) urls so that the urls are easier to share with others. Unregistered users are shown a history of their last 10 urls they've made lil on the frontpage, along with being able to set a link expiration date, where the link is no longer acessible, a password for the link, so only those that have your password can visit the link, a description for your link, to help keep track of it just a lil bit easier, and even QR codes for easy link transfer to mobile devices. even offers unregistered users the ability to check their lil urls stats. When designing we wanted to still offer a handful of features to unregistered users.

    However, upon Registering, you'll notice a lot more features including all your links saved in your dashboard for quick review, add and sort your links in customizable Link Lists that act like folders for your links, a plethora of API options for individuals and website owners, we even let you change your alias ( to anything that isn't already taken. Interested in a dark mode theme? Registered users can easily switch back 'n' forth between light and dark themes as well.

    Want to add a special note per added url? Not a problem. How about change the title that the link is shown as in your dashboard? Yeah, we can do that. Don't get us started about geotargeting, so you can make your link go one place for U.S. visitors, and another place for Russian visitors. Did you want to send iphone users somewhere, and Android visitors somewhere else? We can do that too.

    Needless to say, is far more powerful once you register. Registration is free, without a bothersome activation email, and like all CTEN services, free from email spam.