• After a long downtime, CTEN is back online, and with it a refocusing of our time into how we develop our network. Previously, we had been spending the bulk of our time increasing the content of and Today we are announcing the shift of that time into developing new web services, and polishing the existing ones.

    We've also shifted our entire network of sites to an in-house location. Long-term this means more streamlined web services that we're better able to maintain, control, and monitor. It is also largely responsible for the downtime before this refocus has begun. Short-term, you may experience some sluggishness with sites until settings get finalized.

    For GamesForWork and Krankr, the harsh reality is that we can no longer spend time to update their content day after day. It simply wasn't paying off, both in time, and site traffic. Both sites will remain online, along with all their current content, however, new content will not be added "daily". Both sites will be updated to represent this new direction, and will present random content in more prevalent areas.

    Moving forward from this refocus, both in time, and effort, means that new services will be released at a much more rapid pace. Site bugs will be able to be detected, and hopefully resolved more quickly, as well. We will become much more agile with launching services after their inception.

    We have many new services still in the works, and many ideas that are now able to come off the "back burners". We're excited to introduce you to this new method, and speed at which CTEN is preparing to release new services. We hope that even if you enjoyed the daily content we provided in the past, you will stick with us as we launch new features to existing sites, along with brand new services.

    If any service of ours hasn't settled down for you, and become responsive and quick, it should within a week or so, as we customize each service to its new location. We look forward to our next update, and our first addition after this refocusing.