• Today we have taken a hard step on fighting adblocker. CTEN has enabled a feature that will help promote donating in all spots where an ad should be, but isn't displaying if you are running a form of adblocking.

    In layman terms, the system pulls a random image from a pool of creative images, designed to grab your attention to the fact that we are in need of donations.

    In an age of annoying ads, and, as installing adblocker in a world of web browser addons, and plugins becomes easier, CTEN has had to take this step. It is a creative way to re-enable the spots where ads would appear, and fill it with a non-disruptive image linking to our donation page.

    As time progresses, we will likely use this same method to help promote our own sites in these blocked ad spots. This new method of showing other content if an ad is blocked will be the norm for all current, and future CTEN sites.

    lilFile still remains the only site that actually prevents usage if adblocker is detected. This is due to the nature of allowing users to download files of 100MB for free. The only thing that has been implemented today across CTEN is the promoting of our donation page, and our asking of disabling adblocker on our sites.

    We are striving to keep all our published content free, and visible even to those that run adblocker. We hope this step helps us, and helps remind visitors of our situation.

    We look forward to launching the next batch of web services shortly. All our ad-free sites DumpText, NeverPass, ipGrab, upRnot, and Jottn continue operation as normal without any ads on them.